Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice
Cotton Surplice

Cotton Surplice


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Fabric Option
Yoke Type


         ➤ The Surplice is made of 100% cotton fabric. 

         ➤ The neck of the Surplice is available in 2 different types.

                                         1. Square yoke

                                         2. Round yoke

         ➤ It can be made in Japanese Polyester fabric for an additional $35 only. The Japanese Polyester is the fabric with unique composition used by PSG Vestments. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joseph Desmond
Custom Cotton Surplice

I was grateful for the ability to make custom requests and PSG's customer service. They asked follow-up questions, consulted my opinion, and sent photos before delivering the surplice.
I requested a three-pleat design on the front, and they delivered. The cotton fabric is good and the shape is mostly good.

However, there are a couple problems:
1. The sleeves were long
2. The surplice was tight to the armpits.
(3. The shape of the yoke was slightly unusual, though it's not too noticeable when put on.)

I'll only be making an adjustment to the sleeves.
Overall, it was a good surplice.

Wonderful Quality

This was beautiful. Made custom to my provided measurements and fits perfectly!

Mel C.

Excellent quality but still needed additional alterations

Lenworth Haughton
Totally satisfied

I am totally satisfied with my purchase of the Surplice. I would highly recommend it to others.

Jeremy Gan
An Excellent Surplice

This is my first surplice, and I am quite happy with it. Because I don't like lace and was told not to get lace by my archbishop, I went with linen. It's very comfortable to wear, though be warned if you live in warmer areas!

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